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Scar Revision

The problem

Scars caused by surgery, burns, tattoos or traumatic injury are usually permanent and can cause a great deal of embarrassment, with some people going to great lengths to cover them up. The good news is we offer a number of treatments which can dramatically improve the appearance of scars.

The treatment

The type of scar revision treatment you opt for will depend on the size, location and character of your scar. It will also depend on your reasons for having treatment in the first place, i.e. is your scar causing you distress because of its appearance or is it causing you an actual physical problem.

Laser skin resurfacing

In the treatment of acne scarring and pitted scars. This laser therapy uses heat to remove the very top layer of your skin, stimulating the growth of healthy new skin.Surgical scar excision: This technique is used to reposition or reduce the size of the scar. The techniques we use include: Excision and direct skin closure involves cutting the scar out and then is drawing and stitching the surrounding skin together to form a new, neater scar.

  • Excision and repositioning involves cutting the scar out and changing the direction so that it runs along a natural, relaxed skin tension line.
  • Excision and skin grafting involves cutting out the scar and replacing it with a skin graft from a healthy part of the body. Skin grafts can be partial or full thickness.
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