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Restylane Lipps - Fuller Lips best treatment for this?

Restylane make a range of treatments designed to revive and improve the skin and face. Among these is Restylane Lipp, a treatment designed to plump up thin, tired looking lips.

Like all the other Restalayne treatments, Restalayne Lipp is a filler. A small amount of a natural gel substance (one which is found naturally in the human body) is injected into the lips. This produces the plumping effect which works so well to improve the appearance of thin lips.

Restalayne Lipp is specially formulated to provide effective, natural lip enhancement. Among the things it can achieve are:

- An increase in the volume of the lip. Overall fullness is increased, making the lips appear plumper, rounder and healthier.

- Better definition. Restalayne Lipp can help improve the shape of the lips, and define the line between the lips and the skin.

Restalyane is completely safe and non-toxic. Because it is made from a naturally occurring substance (hyaluronic acid), it doesn’t work against your body: it works with it. It is ‘tissue friendly’ meaning that it will act as if it has become part of the lip tissue itself. It is designed to enhance what is already there, rather than creating fake-looking lips.

Because it works with the existing tissue, Restalayne helps support and promote normal use of the lips. Smiling, kissing, laughing, drinking: all these things actually help Restalayne to work better and to last longer. Restalayne should stay in place for between 6-12 months before it dissolves into the body. It can then be re-applied.

Restalyane is not the only lip filler on the market. However, it is one of the most effective and safe. There are other hyaluronic acid fillers available, but trials have shown that Restalayne works best. Other treatments that are available include collagen and other synthetic substances, but these do not produce the natural-looking results that Restalyane does. Restalayne Lipp is also designed specifically for the lips (unlike some fillers), so it is made to stand up to the frequent and complex movements in that area.

Restalayne Lipp is perfect for anyone who is unhappy with the shape or size of their lips. It will make them instantly fuller and more kissable, increasing confidence. It can also be combined with other Restalayane treatments for a complete, fast facial make-over.

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