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Is Restylane suitable for Men?

In recent years, more and more men are choosing to have cosmetic surgery procedures. Statistics show that male cosmetic procedures now make up almost a tenth of the total performed; that’s almost double the percentage from a decade ago. While in mainstream culture the stigma that men should not care about their looks has been lifted, and society has become increasingly fixated on men appearing youthful for longer. It’s understandable then, that men are increasingly open to ways to reverse the signs of aging through cosmetic producers. And for the treatment of wrinkles, skin revitalisation and face contouring, Restylane is a popular choice among both medical professionals and potential patients.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance naturally found in our skin; it acts as a binding agent to water which keeps skin looking hydrated, firmer and more healthy. Unfortunately, as our body ages, HA becomes less and less efficient: As men get older they’ll find their skin feels less firm and lines and wrinkles will inevitably begin to appear. Their skin will also begin to look and feel rougher and drier. Restylane works to counter these effects of ageing by directly injecting HA into the skin which acts to support and enhance the body’s own natural supply.

Following a treatment of Restylane, men will find the treated areas appearing more youthful. Restylane restores skin’s support, which reduces sagging as well as refilling wrinkles and lines: Signs of ageing will be lessened and shape and definition will be restored. The treatment also works to restore hydrobalance in the skin, meaning a smoother more hydrated look and feel.

Key to Restylane’s appeal to men is the natural quality of the treatment. Restylane works with the bodies natural processes not against them, so results appear much more natural. For men looking to revitalise their skin but don’t want people to know they’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure, Restylane is a great choice. The changes work at reducing the signs of aging naturally, not by overriding them artificially. And with long-lasting but not non-permanent results, the treatment gives the patient flexibility which many men will desire. Restylane gives you control over your skin, but won’t take away future choices from you as many other treatments can with permanent changes to your body. That’s why Restylane is a recommended choice for men looking to gently reverse the signs of aging in a natural and flexible way.

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