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Medical Microdermabrasion

Is an effective treatment for renewing a fresh, young-looking glow to your skin. Microdermabrasion can best be described as plastic surgery without the plastic... or the surgery! It's one of the simplest and least disruptive skin treatments and is ideal even for people with sensitive skin.

The microdermabrasion technique works with microcrystals, which are hard enough to disrupt unwanted tired skin cells, but small enough not to do any damage or even cause discomfort or pain.The technique involves propelling the microcrystals across the skin's surface, removing only the top layer of skin cells.

This means there's no danger of scarring or other visible damage.Despite being so straightforward, microdermabrasion is suitable for treating a wide range of skin damage from age to dry skin, toand even to acne scars, sun damaged. Results will vary depending on how much treatment you have and what damage you want to treat.

Microdermabrasion Facial

Not only does undergoing a microdermabrasion facial mean not having any artificial or even natural substances injected, but it also works in harmony with your body. Once the treatment has removed dead and tired cells, your body will work to replace them with fresh, healthier looking skin.

Having a microdermabrasion facial does not cause any pain or even discomfort. Not only can you return to your normal routine immediately after treatment, but you can even reapply your make-up right away.The only real side effect is possible temporary redness of the skin, which soon fades. Aside from this there are no medical concerns, though diabetic people will need to check their blood sugar levels are at normal levels before the treatment starts.Although microdermabrasion is fundamentally safe. 

Pre and Post treatment

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