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Muscle Relaxant (Botox)


BOTOX® is a purified protein that interferes with muscle contraction. It has the reversible effect of blocking nerve stimulation of muscles where it is injected, so that muscle contraction is weakened or inhibited. BOTOX is designed to eliminate unpleasant lines and creases caused by scowling, squinting or frowning. When expertly administered, the ability to animate the face or look surprised is not changed. The result is a more beautiful, rejuvenated younger-looking you.

Is BOTOX right for me?

BOTOX® is not necessarily the ideal treatment for all facial lines and creases in every patient. Be sure your physician discusses all alternatives with you, including injectable fillers, laser skin tightening, or surgery. BOTOX has been used safely and successfully for wrinkle therapy for almost 10 years and is approved for use in adult patients 18 to 65 years of age, providing natural looking, beautiful results to people interested in a fresh, youthful appearance.

Where in the face can BOTOX be used?

BOTOX® can safely be used between the brows to eliminate frown lines, in the forehead to treat horizontal forehead lines, in the eye area to lift eyebrows, around the eyes to soften crow’s feet, in the lip area to minimize smokers’ lines and can also add fullness to lips and turn up the corners of the mouth. BOTOX can also be used in the neck area to treat neck bands and tighten jaw line area, and the nose to eliminate tip depression.

What is a BOTOX treatment like?

BOTOX® is precisely injected through a tiny needle into specific facial muscles. The location of the injections will be determined by examining your ability to move certain muscles in the selected area. Discomfort is usually minimal and brief.The complete treatment lasts just one to three minutes (depending on the number of areas being treated) and does not require the use of topical or local anaesthetics. BOTOX begins to show its effect after 2 to 5 days, although some patients report a noticeable difference the very next day. You may resume normal activity immediately

Pre and Post Botox

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