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Micro Sclerotherapy

Thread Vein TreatmentThread Veins – Spider Veins – Broken VeinsThread veins, spider veins and broken veins is a very common problem. These veins have the appearance of small fine flat red veins or thicker purplish veins on the surface of the leg or face. On the legs, these veins can appear all over or in certain clusters. Thread veins, spider veins or broken veins are very common on the outer aspect of the thigh around the inner knee or around the ankle.

The appearance of these fine “capillary” veins can run in the family or sometimes they can be random. In some patients these surface veins are quite innocent and isolated and in some patients they may reflect an underlying valve problem in the veins and varicose veins. In some patients the appearance of thread veins around the ankle may reflect a risk of leg ulcers developing in the future.

The skin may start to appear dark.

In the situation of a cluster of thread veins, spider veins or broken veins around the ankle a referral to a Vascular Surgeon is advisable. Treatment of these veins without a full ultrasound assessment may be a waste of money as well as potentially harmful.


Microsclerotherapy is very effective treatment for thread veins, spider veins and broken veins. These veins Microsclerotherapy treatment of thread veins, broken veins or spider veins involves an injection with a very fine, almost invisible needle.

Through this an injection of fluid is introduced which sticks the walls of the thread, spider or broken vein together so that blood cannot return. The walls of the thread vein, spider vein or broken vein that have been damaged by the injection are slowly removed by the body's natural defence mechanisms over a period of months. Once the vein has been injected it can take between two weeks to six months for it to completely disappear. On rare occasions it can take up to a year.Microsclerotherapy treatment is suitable for the vast majority of small, clearly visible thread veins, spider veins and broken veins. Several treatment sessions may be required- as in clinic for advise.

Pre and Post treatment

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