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The Safe, Effective Alternative for Targeted Fat Reduction

You’ve tried dieting. You’ve tried exercise. But parts of your body have simply refused to tone up. Now you can change all that with Mesotherapy, a revolutionary, minimally invasive treatment. It does some thing no fitness routine in the world can: permanently destroy fat cells. Since your body has only a finite amount of these cells, eliminated cells are gone –forever! With Mesotherapy, you can finally have the body you’ve always wanted.

Results in tissue tightening, permanently destroys fat cells Improves overall body shape

Mesotherapy for Love Handles, Tummy Fat, Jowls and much more

There’s a new cosmetic procedure in town to tackle upper arms that flap, inner thighs that jiggle and those love handles that every body hates. Instead of going under the knife, a growing number of people are taking on fat with a series of needle injections. Pioneered by the French physician, Dr. Michel Pistor, Mesotherapy is anon-surgical, painless injection technique with a broad range of applications. Mesotherapy, a less invasive and less expensive alternative to liposuction, melts away cellulite and unwanted inches but does not require patients to take months off work to recover Mesotherapy promotes the body’s circulatory, lymphatic, and immune system to create a biological response and reverse abnormal physiology. Mesotherapy is a safe and effective alternative for body sculpting and the treatment of cellulite, hair loss (alopecia), and face and neck rejuvenation. Unlike surgery, Mesotherapy is virtually painless, requires no post-operative recovery time, requires no heavy bandages or girdles, and no anaesthesia is necessary.

Pre and Post Treatment

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