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Aesthetics for Men

Non Surgical Treatment options available for men

Aesthetic treatments for men require a very different approach to that of the female face.

Although the focus for aesthetic traetments remain high for women, there is now an increasing demand for aesthetic services for men. For both genders, the number of minimally invasive procedures are growing faster than the classical invasive procedures of Face Lift and weight Loss surgery.

The male face differs considerably to that of the female face, and it requires a different approach to treatment.

The same treatments are used however very differently and quite often require much more product. The use of use of Botox and Dermal Fillers and voulume replacement require a more detailed study of the anatomy.

The male facial anatomy differs in detail from the female counterpart. The bony structures such as the orbits, glabella, cheek bones and chin tend to be more prominent. The impact of testosterone on the sebaceous glands mean that the skin is thicker and harder to treat. Bearing all of this in mind it is important to maintain the facial attractiveness. Increased facial attractiveness is found in Long headed males with a narrower and lower jaw, not square, and a wider and fuller lower lip.

Masculinity and attractiveness are two significant components of male facial aesthetics.

Features of high masculinity are cheekbone-jaw prominence. The perception of social boldness, and physical strength has been related to these anatomic features. According to some studies, extremes of masculinity may reduce attractiveness.

Men have become more interested in minimally invasive treatments during the past decade, and Debbie has the expertise to treat the male face and the male mind.

It is important for men to remain as natural as possible when considering aesthetic treatments - Other treatments are also suitable for Men, please call us to discuss.

Botox for Men - Muscle relaxant

Botox for Men - Muscle relaxant

Genuine Dermaroller for Hair Loss

The Genuine Dermaroller device uses micro needles to gently puncture the surface of the skin, as the skin heals it improves the look and feel of the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of scars, and improves hair loss.

By gently damaging the skin, blood flow to the area is encouraged, this ensures that the raw materials for hair growth are more abundant and hair growth is encouraged. There's more information on this treatment in our treatments section or use the contact us form to book in for your free consultation.

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